Sunday, 26 January 2020

Change of Plans

Its been a couple of weeks since my last entry but I have been busy in the interim period with work & with other pursuits.

Im never too far away from water though, just not stood up to my nether regions in freezing water throwing tungsten nymphs around.

 Im starting to feel the cold too much nowadays & lobbing tungsten nymphs around has never been top of my favourite way of fishing anyway, so Im not finding the spark to get out on the river too much these days to do it,  I find it a very boring method if truth be told so have been focusing my efforts elsewhere.

I had arranged to head over the Cumbria today & meet up with another photographer for a photo shoot but last night after a quick call we both decided it would be a waste of our time & efforts with the wind & rain that was due to be hitting the west coast so a quick look at the state of the rivers I decided to force myself out onto the bank for a couple of hours before the storm moved over to me around lunchtime.

The river was at summertime levels and crystal clear as I sat on the bank tackling up this morning. It was nice to see some colour on the banks already with snowdrops in the sheltered areas now in bloom.

I got my first fish almost immediately, it wont break any records but it saved having a blank day.

I fished on up the river for over a mile without another touch, I was heading to a pool which is always good to me and again in never failed to delivery with 2 out of season trout, both in very good condition for this time of year and a medium sized grayling for this part of the river.

I lost a couple of other fish but by the feel of them they were trout so I wasnt too cut up about them, as I sat having a coffee the heavens opened & the wind started to pick up so I decided to head back downstream & back to the car, I couldn't see any point in getting soaked, so headed home without any further fish.

Karen was surprised to see me back so early & we got chatting about how I used to go fishing in all weathers no matter what....I guess I just need to accept the fact Im getting older & the enthusiasm I had when I was younger is starting to dwindle as I was out in all weathers no matter what & you couldn't drag me off the river, how things change!


  1. Only been out once this year and got frozen with neoprene waders and padded walking trousers. I have gone back using a shorter rod and casting upstream and across the current a goldhead hares ear or killer bug, Totally lost interest in casting/lobbing tungsten nymphs.

  2. My Lomo suit makes it bearable as its the best bit of kit I've bought to date wearing it with breathable's, just the method I find boring nowadays, will still get out but I have other methods up my sleeve :)


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