Sunday, 28 June 2020

Houston we have a problem!

The 29th January was the last time I picked up a rod & went to the river, thats almost 5 months tomorrow since I was last on the river & I can honestly say at the moment I have no inclinations of fishing! 

WHAT's all that about? 

Ive fished since I was 8 years old, mad keen to get out onto the river every moment I can but currently I have no desire to get out onto the river, I honestly can say the closest Ive come to touching my fishing gear is when I lifted my wading jacket off the hook to put into my camera bag in case it started to rain.

This doesn't mean that Ive been dwindling my time away as I haven't, Im still working 5 days a week as I have done all the way through the pandemic but Ive been taking myself away to secluded parts of the Yorkshire Dales and walking alone with the camera.

From exploring waterfalls which arent marked on the OS map.

to climbing crags at 0330hrs for early morning sunrise views.

I still have to renew my rod licence as yet as I cant see the point in paying out if Im not going to use it, I was hoping that when the Grayling came back into season on the 16th June my mood would change but nope still not interested at this time.

Im at a total loss to this as this is the first time in my angling career that Ive felt this way, Speaking to friends they think Im going mad, all work & no play but I dont feel that way as Im away walking in lieu of fishing and still getting out & about, but just have no desires to go fishing.

The rivers are in almost perfect conditions currently with Grayling sipping down Dry flies, my favourite way of catching them.

For the guys & girls who follow the blog for my fishing exploits Im sorry to say but as yet I have none to report.

Normal service will resume, I just dont know when.

Be safe everyone.


  1. Perfectly reasonable and understandable. And if you get the chance to edit, it's "Houston." Cheers from across the pond.

  2. George at the end of the day we are in a crazy world at the moment, but as long as your well and your good lady. I have not picked a fly rod since new year, but have enjoyed a couple days trotting with pin and worm. All the best mate.

    1. You can say that again Neil, Im bewildered at some folk's behaviour, all the best mate.

  3. Funny that George. I too didn't feel elation or an overwhelming urgency to get onto the rivers once we were allowed to. I think it's a kind of inertia and lost momentum from the uniqueness of the situation knocking our psyche a bit out of kilter. When I did get out, normal service was resumed. Maybe it'll be the same for you. Hope so!

    1. Hope so Simon, as yet though still have no desires to hit the rivers, Am busy planning a 2 day walk with an overnight wild camp which Im looking forward to.


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