Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Down but not Out.

Hi all again hope everyone is behaving during these torrid times and keeping themselves safe. As part of my Covid plan as many know I am staying well away from all the regular well populated areas in the Dales & trying to find other routes well away from the maddening crowds. 

Last week I did exactly that again but this time came a cropper to the terrain which resulted in me popping my knee, an old injury Ive had for years and had been under control but with 50lbs of gear on my back & atrocious walking conditions it reared its ugly little head again and came back and bit me on the ass. 

My aim was to climb 3 different peaks in the Dales and wild camp on the final one before heading home the next day via a different route, well that was the plan!

The day started OK and I made the summit of the first hill I wanted to do within a couple of hours, to be honest I was a bit disappointed in the summit, nothing to write home about so never hung around, a quick compass bearing to the next & off I went.

The route took me across open moorland without any tracks and it was very boggy in places, the going was slow but energy sapping on my legs, I was well over 3/4 of the way across when I put my foot down into a boggy hole and over I went popping my knee in the process.

The 2nd summit was within sight & after 20 minutes of sitting on wet moorland licking my wounds there was no way I could continue so opted for the safest thing to do & cut my loss & take a slow limp to the nearest dry land which was aptly named as Dead Man's Hill at an elevation of 546m. 

I decided to set up the tent and spend the night hopefully my knee would ease some allowing me to walk back off the Dale and get back to the car 8 miles away.

Tent set up behind a Dry Stone wall 

The next morning my leg had eased some & I took a gamble to walk out, I wasnt going to get to my destination so a couple of photographs of where I should have been.

Little Whernside & Great Whernside off in distance to the left in the cloud.

Looking down on the reservoir far below.

So with sticks in hand to ease me I started hobbling back the 8 miles to the car, it was hard & very painful going with loads of stops to ease my knee, the views were absolutely stunning and I was gutted at what had happened .

It took me nearly most of the day to walk the distance back to the car and a waterfall on route was a nice resting place before the final push back to the car.

Knee is now on the mend again but it will be a few weeks yet before I can get back out with the sort of weight I normally carry for an overnight stop out. Be safe everyone.


  1. George if you fancy a days small stream Grayling fishing in the Winter drop me a line. No crowds guaranteed


    1. Hi Andy, I might just do that as Ive not picked up my rods since January, I keep saying maybe next week but I have no inclining just yet.
      Hope your well
      be safe George

  2. A dangerous business, at least you ha d the right gear. Take care and stay safe. ATB, John
    PS It's no consolation but I have two new knees and the sloping banks of the drains are now out of bounds. Damn

    1. Would never venture out without the correct gear John, seen too many idiots on the hills whom I would just love to slap some sense into but not allowed to do that...lol, Had knee problems since I was a teenager which Ive learned to overcome & it didn't stop me achieving all my goals in the past, it isn't going to stop me now, you be safe mate ATB George


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