Saturday, 3 October 2020

Got there in the end.

 A couple of weeks out with the knee, quite a few strips of Ibuprofen swallowed & a few hours on the tens machine  made it possible to get the rucksack strapped back on & get back out on the hills & complete the walk I started before I popped my knee.

On top of Great Whernside after summiting Little Whernside an hour or so before.

The views from the summit across the Dales to the west

I cant tell you how great it was to get back out away from all the madness of the media and everyday life which is getting to everyone nowadays. For the next 24 hours I simply forgot it all & saw nobody which made things even better.

With  30 mph winds I decided to drop back off the summit & traverse the ridge back towards Little Whernside & find a spot for the night away from the winds.

The sunset just as I started to pitch the tent.

The only light for miles around came from my tent as I went out to try & photograph the night sky  but with low clouds  it made it impossible to get any decent photographs, so grabbed my gear headed back to the tent & chilled out, & with a few swigs from the hip flask I fell fast asleep. 

The view down Coverdale the following morning made all the effort worth while.

I wasnt the only Scottish breed roaming the Dales that morning, with a herd of these boys watching my every move as I descended back down to the car, which took me back to my childhood where we used to buy highland toffee's two for a penny.

Back at the car the view up the dale wasnt too shabby & this was rush hour, Long may it last as these special & remote places are precious.


  1. Good to see you back on track, literally in this case. What are the reservoirs in the distance on photograph three? Will the centreline and trotting rod come out this season? All the best and stay safe, John

  2. Thanks John, The 2 reservoirs are scar house & angram reservoirs at the head of Nidderdale. Rods still unsure about yet.

  3. George, Crack on and imagine that centreline turning and the float checking... Stay safe, John

  4. Hi George,

    Good to hear you are back out on the hills and fells..........

    Love that Highland Coo! The family and I were out on the North York Moors last year near the Hole of Horcum and we came across a small herd of them, but they paid us no notice (unlike the triggered cow we came across at Ryedale Head earlier this year!).

    Take care & Stay Safe


    1. Hi Alistair,
      Yes thankfully only out the game for 2 weeks & so glad to be back out on the hills away from the ever increasing mad world we live in today. First Highland Moo Ive seen for a while so it was a prime opportunity not to miss.
      Be safe mate & take care


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