Thursday, 24 December 2020

Another Year Slips By.

 Well what can I say that hasn't already been said, what a year for all certainly one I wont forget in a hurry. 

The fishing scene for me has been almost extinct with only an outing way back at the start of the year in January & nothing since. Im hoping this will be rectified in 2021 but with a bit of foresight I dont think its going to happen anytime soon with mutation strains now appearing & threats of tier 4 looming not too far in the distance.

So far both Karen & Myself have kept clear of the virus but throughout the year we have lost immediate family & some very good friends to Covid, so know first hand what it does, may they Rest in Peace.

Its not all been doom & gloom, this year has rekindled a passion I had in my younger years of  wild camping & combined with my photography Ive been to places I would never even thought of going so Im very thankful for that as I have had some great nights out away on the hills with nobody for miles.

miles from anywhere & wouldnt even known about if I had not rekindled the passion of wild camping.

Even when the weather turned to snow.

A good book, peace & quiet certainly recharged the batteries.

As the year draws to an end Im planning one last trip out with the tent before the New Year, I personally think its the wives way of getting me out the house for some peace & quiet for her, but that said may I say whatever you get up to over the festive period, I hope your stay safe & well and look forward to maybe seeing you on the river in 2021.



  1. Hi George

    2020 has certainly been a harsh year for many people (so sorry to hear of the losses of friends and family). I know the fishing has fallen from your radar, but it has been wonderful to see those scenes up in the dales - many areas I had no idea about! Please keep up your blog, even if it moves away from fishing, as I have really enjoyed your photography of the countryside up in the dales.

    I was hoping to get some trips to the Leven and up into Teesdale these Christmas holidays to recharge my batteries (my work load in 2020 has been brutal!) but looking at the forecast for the coming days, I may be taking a leaf out of your book and heading to the hills with the family.

    Hope you have a merry Christmas & happy New Year. Stay safe and take care!


    1. Hi Alistair,

      Nice to hear from you and Merry Xmas to you & your family. I will certainly keep the blog going no matter which route I travel along as it keeps me in touch with guys like yourself and its nice to hear from you all from time to time.

      I am genuinely hoping to get the rods out this year & get back onto the rivers, but we shall see.

      Getting back to the hills has kept me sane and not only improved my well being but also my fitness & my love of photography & the outdoors, way too many pictures to post on here but if anyone is interested if you search "Bedale & Beyond" on Facebook you will stumble across my photography page.

      all the very best

  2. George:
    Best to you and yours. My glass is raised to you. I'll be joining you in the winter camp outing on this side of the pond. I've nearly all I need for the necessary but am picking up a few items for comfort.

    I miss the woods and now with winter can be in them nearly covid free. A few of us might jointly engage in social distancing camping. Sorry for the losses. We've had them too. Painful.

    Full glass of the amber here. Black Bush tonight after some clam chowder and fresh rolls courtesy of beargirl!

    Lovely wild camp country! Dry socks and hot drinks to you!

    1. Hi Spike,
      Best wishes to you & your family. Its good to hear from you my friend its been a while, My condolences across the water to you and I hope you are all well under the circumstances. Your right it is painful but we have to continue, I admire your winter camping, good on you I know the temperatures over there can fall a lot colder than here so enjoy the black bush & clam chowder.
      Take care my friend & happy camping.
      all the best George

  3. Hello George

    All the best for 2021. I haven't read your blog as much recently as it's somehow made it's way on to the black list of inappropriate sites at work. Not sure why :)
    I hope that you get your fishing mojo back and we eventually bump in to each other on one of North Yorkshire's finest waterways soon.



    1. Cheers Dave, all the best for the New Year & thanks for stopping by no matter if I am black listed....lol
      kind reagrds


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