Tuesday, 8 February 2022

All season's in one day...thats North Yorkshire

 With the main roads in Wensleydale flooded out on Saturday & the rivers totally unfishable, I decided to get out onto the moors again so set off with bright blue skies & the golden ball poking through, but it didn't last for long.

1st port of call on my 9 mile route was Disher Force & as expected pushing through some water.

The old lead mine water pump still in situ after all these years.

View from the bottom

As I said the good weather didn't last for long as the 1st storm started to roll in over the top of Wensleydale.

Upwards and away to try & gain some distance before it reached me & the safety of a shooting hut I knew.

getting inside & out the impending storm was my priority & sat in there for almost an hour as it pushed down the Dale.

I hadn't gone a mile before I seen the next weather front move in and it was a few miles to my next shelter, do I go forward or go back, what the hell forward, never retreat.

It was a long walk....I use that term loosely, more of a head down and look at my feet as I was being pounded with 55mph winds and driving hail, my face was in tatters every time I looked up. The next safe heaven away in the distance.. It was great to get out of the wind & finally into some shelter.....

Little did I know the last leg back to the car was going to be the worst, Snow and high winds dont make for a good time walking up on the moors....

I was so glad to get out the wind behind this stone wall as the wind with bitter cold 

Even the locals were taking a fancy to me 

Little did I know that less than 2 kms away Swaledale MRT & Yorkshire Air ambulance were trying to get a casualty off the moors.. I hope the casualty makes a full recovery & please support the MRT.

 If you use the Yorkshire Dales for any outbound past time they are an invaluable team which need all the support they can get..remember these guys are all volunteers.

Photographs courtesy Swaledale MRT.

As for me it was great to get back to the safety of the car and sitting in the boot peeling off my wet outer layers watching the snow storm get worse, knowing that in 5 minutes or so I would be on my way home to a warm fire..

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