Sunday, 12 December 2010

Grayling Outing

My sunday grayling outing to the Tees was back on again today as normal as the water had dropped sufficiently enough to be able to fish it. The EA Website reported levels of 1.21m above NSL but I know from past experience that is fishable so off I went. I wanted to try my 2nd cane rod which I refurbished as it had not been fished since I got it so coupled with the Marco Cortesi centrepin reel which I have to say Im getting more and more attached to as it is a nice batting reel and have had no hassles from it since buying it for the priceless sum of £36.

The water was as predicted on the EA website and very coloured so I knew a spot where I had a good chance of a few Grayling and sure enough it produced so thats where I remained for the remainder of the day and 15 Tees Ladies fell to the attraction of my bait with a few lost in the fight but still a very nice day to be back out on the river again after all the bad weather.

The sun played an absolute blinder today literally, it was so low over the water the Glare was horrendous and sunglasses were required to try & combat it but that only took some of the glint away and fishing became very difficult so photographs of all the fish were scrapped as everytime I moved out the run it took ages to get the fish back on the feed so here a few pics from today.

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