Sunday, 27 February 2011

River Swale Chub

I had decided that I was going back onto the River Tees to see if I could get the Grayling again from the location I found them on Friday however with the amount of rain that fell overnight the Tees was up higher than I would have liked so I changed my options and went to the River Swale instead, a river noted for being one of the fastest rising and falling rivers in England so hopefully I would get it falling during today.

I went to a stretch Ive not fished in over 5 years as it isnt renowned for it Grayling but there are a few there and I was hoping I would see some of them. Walking the 2 miles up to the start of the stretch I saw 5 herons all together in a field, this is the first time Ive ever seen that amount together at the one time, good or bad omen who knows.

On arriving at the water thankfully there wasnt that much heavy colour in it and by the looks of things the river was dropping.

After about an hour of trotting a glide where I had taken a couple of grayling in the past I finally got the first bite and connected with a grayling but lost it as I was reaching around to free my net off my back, ah well at least they were there.

I fished on in the swim for another hour and never touched another fish so made my way back down the stretch stopping off at various point to fish but never touched a fish all the way back down.

It wasnt to virtually the last peg that I connected with a fish and this felt very different to a Grayling or trout, It was staying deep and pulling back, I was thinking chub or Barbel and sure enough after a few minutes of trying to get its head up I finally caught sight of it...a chub and a nice one too I knew it wasnt going to fit into the spoon net but I tried to get some of it in the best I could and scoop it under it and thankfully it worked.

The chub was photographed and weighed....5lbs 2oz.

After slipping it back I went back in to see if there was anymore hanging around but alas none to be caught, so that was it walk back to the car and head home, although only the one grayling and the chub it wasnt a bad few hours on a stretch Ive not fished for a long time and it was lovely chubly

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