Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sole Less but Very Happy

For my penultimate Grayling trip before the river closed season sets in I wanted to get back on the Tees as I always finish the Grayling season on my home water of the Ure.

I set off as normal under a chilly & grey sky to be met with the water about 2 metres down on what I like it but hey hoy I decided nothing was going to stop me having a good day.I set up and was just about to wade out to the 1st run when I started to stumble everytime I lifted my left leg, on looking down I saw tht the sole of my wading boot had parted company with my boot, so I scooped it up with the net so effectively my 1st catch of the day was the sole of my boot, so here it is in all its glory What a cracker

After some 30 minutes had passed without a fish I noticed fish starting to top halfway down the pool I was fishing so decided in a change of tactics instead of fishing deep, I reduced the distance from my float to hook and fished at 8" deep hoping that they would take the maggots if they were coming up for fly life, well the next 2 hours were none stop fish after fish and after several trips back to the bank to unhook, photograph and release them it was soon lunchtime and the count was 14 Grayling & 1 Par, biggest grayling going 2lbs 6oz on the scale

After lunch the sun made an appearance and put a glimmer all across the top of the water making it hard to see the float and no matter how hard I tried I couldnt connect with any of the bites so had to move to a another part of the pool where the sun wasnt as bad and started all over again, and other 5 Grayling succumb to the tactics before I finally called it a day. All in all it may have been a sole less day but with 19 Grayling & 1 par is was certainly a happy day

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