Saturday, 2 April 2011

River Avon 28/29 March 2011

I had a trip back up to Scotland for a few days to catch up with the family and have a couple of days fishing the river I was brought up on and learned to fish on. The River Avon in Lanarkshire. My fishing was split over 2 days with the first day spent with my brother fishing the upper part of the Avon and managed to catch all be it a stockie the first brown trout for my 2011 season The 2nd day was a bit more eventful with a couple of wild fish caught on the stretch I grew up on. Ive linked to it as I took plenty of pictures for some friends so created a page entiled a trip up the avon. http://traditionalfloats.webs.com/Gallery%20Page/avon/a%20trip.htm

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