Sunday, 29 May 2011

River swale 29/05/11

After Sunday dinner and contemplating what to do for the evening it was decided due to a severe lack of decent programmes on the tv and a quick look at the water levels on the EA website that I would have a short session on a dropping river swale again so set off and was on the river by 6.00pm. The river was still a peaty dark colour the same as yesterday but had definately dropped a couple of feet so set about with the same nymph outfit I had on yesterday. After 20 minutes or so I had my first fish in the net a small brownie.

Moving up the river I managed to hook & release at long range another 4 small trout all around the size of the first brownie. I traversed over the river to the run that I had got my new PB from yesterday and cast in, first run through another brownie.

nowhere near the size of yesterdays PB but very welcome all the same. I noticed the river was becoming darker so stuck a stick in beside the water level to see what it was doing and within 20 minutes the stick was almost submerged, the river was rising and fast, so decided that was it a couple of hours on the river was over but very enjoyable and was back in the house for 9pm.

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