Monday, 2 May 2011

River Swale

Got up this morning with all intensions of staying about the house and getting some odd jobs done but the Mrs turned around and said to me whats your plans so I told her, she came right back with why dont you leave that till another day and have a day at the fishing. 40 minutes later I was on the bank

I had all intensions of another day on the Tees but due to an accident on the road that scuppered my plans so went to a part of the River Swale I know well and knew I would probably have the place to myself, and indeed I did. Managed to capture 4 trout and a Grayling and lost several fish to hook pulls, All in all an enjoyable day on the Swale.

I hooked into and managed to loose a lovely trout which I estimate to have been around 2lbs+ and on my way back to the bank to console myself noticed I had an audience watching me. All in all not a bad day for an off the cuff session

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