Sunday, 24 July 2011

Freezing Cold In July

Was back out yesterday for my weekly fix of Chub & Barbel, I arrived on the river to find some other guys fishing who had been there all night & day and caught nothing but said it was absolutely freezing last night due to no cloud cover & clear skies.
The river was slightly coloured and up on normal summer levels. I set up and after a brew and a chat with the lads I settled down to what I knew was going to be a hard session
I didn't have long to wait till the rod tip went around and I hooked into my first fish,

I thought to myself it might not be as bad as I originally thought as the sun was going down you could feel the definite change on temperature, I had to put my fleece on which I never expected.
It was an hour or so later before my next fish another chub

Just as I was about to call it an evening I got a cracking bite which I nearly missed but reached the rod in time to get this little barbel which made it worth while, and that was my session as the temperature was like winter and the fishing was very dour, but I thought I done well considering the other lads still had caught nothing.

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