Sunday, 10 July 2011

Was back out yesterday evening for my 2nd session this season after the barbel & Chub on the Swale, Arrived to find the water up from last week which didn't surprise me with the amount of rain we have had. Settled in to watch the sand martins attending to their nests and the Dragon flies dancing across the water, it didn't take long before the tip went around and was into my first fish a nice fit barbel, I fished on and had a couple of chub in quick succession. Not long after that the big boys decided they wanted some of the action I was offering and a beautifully fit barbel which made the old arms ache fighting him and the extra water was worth it when I weighed him 9lbs 1oz.
Darkness started to fall and what a cracking night it turned out to be
Not long after that the chub wanted back in on the action and had a couple in quick succession. The barbel weren't content with this idea so muscled in on the feed again a fish of 8lbs 7oz followed then just as I was about to finish another fish of 8lbs 10oz followed.

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