Saturday, 10 December 2011

Fishing for a Year

If like me you enjoyed the out of town series hosted by Jack Hargreaves all those years ago then you will certainly love his book which has been re released by the medlarpress

His stories draw you in, I bought this book a few weeks ago and have to say thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad I bought it, Its a book I will continue to read again in years to come.

Contents 10 / 10
Value for Money 10/10

Quote from Medlarpress

Fishing for a Year
Jack Hargreaves
A new edition for 2011.

Known for his classic TV series 'Out of Town', Jack Hargreaves was not only a great countryman but also a great angler. This was his only angling book. In each of the fourteen chapters he fishes for a different species, recounting his varied experiences and explaining as he does so, the characteristics of the fish he is attempting to catch. His passion for the natural world and gentle writing style ensures that this is a book that will delight all who read it, from those who sit on a basket and fish with a float, to those who have only ever cast a fly at a lazy trout.

Beautifully printed with marbled endpapers and head and tailbands, Fishing for a Year has original illustrations by Bernard Venables.

Available from Medlarpress £20

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