Saturday, 24 December 2011

Flyfishing For Grayling by John Roberts

I first came across John Roberts books when I was stationed in Germany over 20 years ago and was heavily into tying my own flies and his first book I bought was "The New Illustrated Book of Trout Flies", since then I have purchased all of John's books the most recent one being Flyfishing For Grayling.

A few years ago John contacted me after reading about my floats on a forum and was enquiring about grayling floats and since then we have became really good friends and he has sent me many of his fly tying creations to try and floats have went to him for his passion of fishing for Grayling & Pike.

 Whilst at this years Grayling Society Symposium I finally got around to purchasing his latest book "Flyfishing for Grayling". I have to say it makes interesting reading especially when John Talks about the flies that he sent me and finding out where they originated from and why they came about.
 John illustrates all his flies and includes all the instructions for tying them.  Two of his flies have worked really well on all the rivers I have fished over the years not only for Grayling but trout also and is always on my cast when fishing rivers for Grayling or trout when there is no sign of a rise.
Any enthusiastic Grayling angler who seeks the lady of the stream with flies will certainly enjoy this book.

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