Saturday, 7 January 2012

First of 2012

Although I'm taking some time out from making floats for other anglers. I'm still pottering around and last year was asked if I could make something up to go to an auction to help out some guys running a project which I support in Scotland.
They were looking for something that caught the eye of the coarse men in Scotland as coarse angling in Scotland is nowhere near as popular as it is in England as its mainly game fishing that dominates up there.

I have had some lovely tail feathers from some exotic birds that my friend keeps in Lancashire waiting to be put to good use so turned 3 of them into inverted quills, a very sensitive float designed for still waters and ideal for the pond fishing and loch fishing  of Scotland, where Roach & Rudd are the quarry.  All the quills roughly average 10 - 10.5" in length and have a shotting capacity of 3 - 4BB and fitted with a Brass Eye.

Tench fishing has become popular  in Scotland with a few estate lakes being opened up to the public so what better than some Goose Quills. Averaging 8" in length and taking shotting weights of between 4 - 5BB and fitted with a Brass Eye. Ideal weights for fishing just off the lily pads.
Carp fishing or even Barbel fishing on the slower moving parts of the Clyde which require a float to hold a bit more weight due to larger baits, I decided to put together some Swan & Goose Quills. All averaging 7" in length and holding shotting weights of 3AAA and fitted with a Brass Eye.

I'm sure any coarse angler who loves using some Handmade & Natural floats will love fishing with them and may it bring the lads some support in the auction.

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