Saturday, 14 January 2012

Scottish Ladies

As I packed the car this morning the temperature was -5 on the car thermometer, It was very cold but the sun was just starting to peak above the horizon and the breakfast weather reported cold with sun all day, just the start I was looking for.

After our drive up the M6 and onto the M74 over the Border into Scotland the temperature gauge was rising to a balmy -1, we arrived at our friends and settled in and had some lunch, unfortunately my friend had to go into work which left me with 2 woman talking about everything I wasn't interested in.

Around 3pm I decided that I could take it no more and decided to go and have the last hour or so on the river with the fly rod, so headed to a pool that I knew would give me the best chance of a fish. Around 25 minutes later I connected with what I can only describe as a turbo charged rocket, this fish went like the wind and there was no way I was going to keep up with it or even stay connected and seconds later my 2lbs tippet parted with the fish and I was minus a Beaded Hares Lug. I suspect from the power & speed of the fish it was a kelt that I had hooked.

10 minutes later I saw the leader stop dead in its tracks half way down the run, struck and this time a more controlled fight ensued with a lovely Grayling of 41cm's coming to the net, My first Scottish Lady of 2012 and weighing in at 2lbs 1oz a very good start.

After hooking another fish which turned out to be a small trout I decided to call it an afternoon as the sun dipped down behind the hills.
Tomorrow is another day and a full day on the river chasing the lovely Scottish ladies what more could a man ask for. Maybe even see a few friends on the river, you just never know.

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