Sunday, 12 February 2012

Buy a Bite, No thanks Im Scottish

Today I was really looking forward to getting back out onto the river, the weather was mild, the water was lower than I like but nevertheless it looked good. As I approached my chosen spot my heart sank as I seen 10 - 15 Black Death (Cormorants) take off from where I was going to be fishing, That was not a good sign at all, I had heard that they had been in the area recently but not in any numbers, this does not bode well for the river if these things start to establish a roost or a feeding area this far up the river.

I tackled up and decided to give it a go anyway, After almost 2 hours of not being able to buy a bite and several moves to different pools I decided to sit back, have a coffee & watch the world go by for 15 minutes, just as a swan went swimming buy, the first I've seen on the river in a long time.
I was beginning to wonder if today was going to be a re run of last week where I struggled to catch a fish but came good in the end and with this firmly planted in my mind I decided to persevere on and see what materialised.

I never seen any signs of a bite for a further hour and was honestly thinking of packing it in when I glimpsed a silver flash out the corner of my eye as I drip fed 2 - 3 maggots into the run...A Grayling it had to be and sure enough on my next trot down the float dipped away and the fish was on.

A lovely Grayling came to the net soon after and my mood and confidence took a massive hit knowing that if there was one then there were surely more. I can only describe the next two hours as electric it was as if nature had turned on the light bulb and the fish just kept coming, a total contrast to the morning where I couldn't even buy a bite.                                                               

After the first Grayling the next couple were small fish but fish nevertheless and very welcome indeed.
Soon afterwards the bigger fish made an appearance again
 The beauty of this fish speaks for itself

The day ended with 24 Grayling and 7 out of season Brownies in the net, a far cry from the morning, It just goes to show even when you think and know that things are against you a little bit of perseverance goes a long way.


  1. Nice going George, some lovely fish there

    1. Thanks Tom, It was extremely hard to start with but we got there in the end. Thanks for visiting.


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