Sunday, 15 April 2012

Wild Weather & Wild Fish

Being on call really messes your fishing up, but we all have to work I suppose so with a quiet day yesterday & no calls I decided today to head out and chance my luck the weather looked good although still slightly cold the sun was out and starting to warm up as I was leaving the house. I decided to head back onto the club stretch I had a go at last week and try my luck again. By the time I got parked up the weather had turned for the worse and a bitterly cold wind was blowing down the dale, undeterred I set up and started fishing down past the fir trees and round the bend to get some rest bite from the bitter wind, and wading over the river the water was absolutely freezing so didn't really have high hopes for some trout. 

It wasn't long before we connected with the first fish of the day and that was about it because it connected then took off, taking my PTN with it, this fish came from nowhere like a steam train turned on the nymph and was gone, am not sure if it was a Trout or a Grayling as I never got to see it it was over in a flash.

About 10 minutes later managed to land this nice Grayling.

 This was the better side of the fish as at some point has had a run in either with a Cormorant or similar as it had some scaring & healed over puncture wounds.

Not before long the skies blackened, and the heavens opened up with heavy hail stones and the temperature plummeteds so sanctuary was sought below the dense fir branches where the Primroses were straining their necks to seek out the meagre pieces of sunlight they could seek.

As fast as it started it had gone again and the sun poked its head around the clouds and all was well again apart from the persistent cold wind.

About 20 minutes later and several small Grayling caught & released the first trout of the day came to the net,  a beautiful small wild brownie.

Then the fatal phone call arrived I was required on call so as I made my way back up the river the skies opened yet again and unleashed it torrent of heavy hailstones. I decided the bypass all the runs and fish the pool at the top of the stretch where the car was left and I'm glad that I did as on the first cast I connected with this beautifully marked brown trout.

The picture does it no justice as in reality it was probably the most beautifully marked trout I've seen in a long time and fin perfect, needless to say it swam away no worse for its ordeal and I hope to see it again sometime, now back to reality and help some poor sole with no Gas.

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