Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It couldnt have got any worse!

Last night after what I can only describe as a nightmare at work I decided after tea to get onto the river for the gloamin rise and hopefully get a trout as the sun went down and chill out after a depressing day at work.

I arrived on the river to find it in fine fettle so tackled up and to my amazement whilst I was sitting on a fallen log right by the side of the river deciding to what flies to put on not even 8ft away from me a lovely trout which I estimate to be in the 2lbs bracket came up opened its mouth and took a natural, it took 3 further naturals by the time I had very slowly tied on my flies and with a slight flick of the wrist my fly was on the water whilst I still sat on the log.

What happened next was a joy to watch and it was as if time had slowed down, the fly passed over where the fish was lying I seen the fish come up, open its mouth and take the fly, fish on! only for 3 seconds later to be fish off, my tippet had snapped.

I was cursing myself was it my own stupid mistake in trying to hurry up with the anticipation of trying for the fish, so disappointedly I tied on another tippet and fly and walked up the river. I seen another fish which I covered and again it rose took the fly & Snap tippet gone again, this time I knew it wasn't my fault so started checking  my new spool of Stroft which I use for tippet material, only to find that it was the stroft that was snapping under slight pressure, just my luck after the day I had so, that spool will be returning to where it was bought from at the weekend! 

Using another spool I tied up again and fished for a further hour or so but never touched a fish nor seen any rise which I was very surprised at, as the hatch was heavy with naturals everywhere but nothing rising to them.

Just as I was about to finish off for the night I took a fish only to find it was an  Out of season Grayling, just my luck but nevertheless a nice end to what was a totally depressing and frustrating day & early evening.

The Grayling was in fighting fit condition and showed no signs of spawning and swam away strongly to where it came, hopefully I will see it again in a few months time.

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