Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Update on Commemorative Cane Rod in the Making

Received the 2nd set of pictures from Gary today, the rod is coming along very nice indeed.

The Butt swell can be seen as it tapers off down to the Cork handle.

A close up of the handle and trim ring

The Ferrules now in place on the rod 
 Really been spoilt for choice with the wood insert for the reel seat
  Insert blanks L to R: Pale Box Elder, Sycamore, Olive, Eucalypt burr,  Golden Amboyna burr, Mallee Burr, Kaui burr, Spalted Walnut, Red Amboyna.

In the end I chose the 2nd from the right on the picture, Spalted Walnut which to me seems very rich and warm and it should compliment the Burgundy silk very nicely indeed.

Anyone interested in Gary's work please have a look at his website.

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