Sunday, 30 September 2012

They think its all over.....

...but for some of us its only just starting. Well that's it the 2012 Trout season is over all bar a few hours but for some of us the end of the trout season signals the start of the Grayling season and the species which I have to say is my passion and the season I look forward to most of all.

A combination of work and floods this week stopped me having a final outing for the trout, with the picture below showing the state of the upper river during the week which still hasn't properly run off with more rain last night on the Pennines.

I cannot complain though this trout season I've had a relatively good season despite the difficulty with the rivers being in flood for a period of it, the most memorable fish for me this season has got to be the wild trout taken back in April from the Upper Ure from the new club water which I joined this year and have to say will be be fishing over the forthcoming Grayling season with some lovely Grayling taken on the dry fly over the last few weekends.

With the combination of weather and being on standby engineer it enabled me to get through some float orders which guys had asked me to do in preparation for the forthcoming season so this weekend has been a couple of days of finishing off and packaging.

Well to all the fellow Grayling enthusiasts who like me are looking forward to the next couple of months may it be a season to remember & I hope you get the fish your looking for, I personally am setting my sights on another 3lbs Grayling from the Annan this year, here's hoping. Tight Lines.


  1. Three pounds? I think I'd die.

    I never caught a grayling before last Boxing Day (pond-fisher in the past), since when I have fallen headlong for them.

    Most of my catch is sub-half pound - above this is a cause for jubilation.

    And so, three pounds? I can only envy you.

    Good Luck George

  2. Thanks,
    I've had a few over 3lbs now in my time of fishing for them, the last one being 3lbs exactly last season, first in 7 years, up on the Annan & we seen bigger in the shoal so will be venturing a few trips over to the Annan again this year.


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