Sunday, 28 October 2012

2 Hours fishing GO!!

After a quiet day yesterday on call I decided that unless I received a call by lunchtime I was going out for a few hours with the rod and the hotheads that I tied up on Friday & Saturday, needless to say this morning the telephone stayed quiet so allowed me 2 hours on the river before it finally went off but I certainly made the most of the 2 hours.

Decided to stay close to home and try out the hotheads with the French leaders, so opted for the longer Carbon  rod and had a bash for the ladies

It didn't take long before I was into the first fish a lovely wee Grayling, and closely followed by another 3 smaller Grayling.

Moved up to the next pool and although the wind and the amount of leaves coming down the river made things a lot harder than predicted I was still managing to winkle them out, nothing of any great size but good sport.

The Grayling kept coming to the net, averaging around the size of the one above then the trout decided they liked the look of the hotheads too.

A lovely wee fighting fit brownie which was release immediately.

A few steps upstream and the leaves were playing havoc so opted to move back down to the first pool as I didn't want to venture too far in-case of a call out and it was the right decision as almost immediately was back amongst the fish


14 Grayling and a trout before the dreaded mobile went off putting an end to the fishing but the 2 hours were productive and proved that my hotheads caught so well worth the effort.

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