Thursday, 4 October 2012

Scruffy Bug Adaptation & New Book

Telly...atrocious , weather....pitiful, duty engineer....Again!! but at least I'm not out on a call! so what better than to de-stress & unwind tying some bugs up for the forthcoming Grayling season, but the way the weather is going its going to be a wee while before the rivers are at a decent state again to fish them.

Spent an hour or so at the vice again, experimenting and tying some adaptations of the scruffy bug up.

Always nice to experiment & it makes a nice change from the float making, although I really need to get back to that...there's always tomorrow :)

For the float fans amongst you who read my blog  you might be interested in a new book being released called Hooked On Floats by Jeff Della Mura which is currently at the printers now.

I bought a copy myself last night so now just waiting on it coming from the printers. Anyone who enjoys floats then am sure this excellent book will be excellent reading over the long winter nights.

 The book amounts to around 77,000 words, 440 pages and features over 400 coloured photographs throughout..


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