Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Paint & Old Wounds

Just a quick update for the followers of the blog, you will have noticed its been almost 3 weeks now since the last outing or any sign of float making & trust me its hurting me more than its hurting you.....lol

I was offered a guided day on the River Lune with a personal Ghillie ( Mr Vasey) which unfortunately I had to pass on as the knees right now are only just managing to keep working, so much so I've had to go get an MRI & see an consultant.

An ugly brute of a right knee but its my ugly brute and I have to say I look just as nice on the inside as I do on the outside.
Too many years sat squashed up in the signallers seat during my army career.

 I took the advice of some friends and whilst some were contending with boulder strewn rivers of Country Durham & North Yorkshire, I was contending with my own rocks but of ice & very nice they were too.

With the downstairs of the house being plastered, painted and carpets fitted it wasn't really feasible to tell the wife I was nipping out for a day and to be honest I would probably have made my knees worse than they are now. Hopefully normal service will be resumed after I see the consultant on Thursday then I'm sure I know a river with nice grass banks and easy walking, and if need be I will call upon my Ghillie to carry the rods whilst I negotiate the banks....normal service resumed soon.......I HOPE!


  1. Can't you gt the butler to act as ghillie? ;-)

    Hope it mends well enough G.

  2. I was thinking of the footman myself, the butler has to walk back into my house & the wife would have hell on with dirty new carpets......lol ;)

    Thanks mate hopefully back out soon.

  3. Does the wife know you call her a ghillie.

    Hope to meet you soon on the bank.


    1. Neil, she gets that everyday when I cant get out, Knee will be strapped up tomorrow and I'm out onto the bank, I know just the spot, easy walking and flat ground :)


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