Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Lets Tackle Cancer

Several weeks ago Munro posted on a few forums drumming up more awareness for Lets Tackle Cancer by asking guys if anyone would be interested in buying a fleece for the winter months & if so he would like to run with a few ideas.

Loads of guys who support & back the charity agreed to buy one and even paid up front to ensure that it would not fall at the first hurdle & I'm happy to say that he has suppressed himself with the final product.
It was revealed for the first time by angling legend Paul Young on a Fund raising  day out Salmon Fishing on the Lovely River Dee in Scotland.

Mine arrived in the post a few days ago and to say I'm chuffed is a total understatement.

The front as you can see is zipped and has the newly designed Lets Tackle Cancer Logo

The arm has a few of the companies logo's who back the charity

And the back has the charity website address across the shoulders.

I have to say this is a fleece which is of excellent quality and with will be keeping me warm through many Grayling Sessions this winter.

If anyone would like to find out more about the well deserving Charity, lets face it we all know someone who has been effected by Cancer in one way or another, there is a link at the side of my blog or if your on Facebook look up the Lets Tackle Cancer page.
Well Done Munro & all the contributors for all your hard work in constantly making this go from 
strength to strength.

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