Friday, 23 August 2013

Fiddler's & Blue's

No, I'm not turning to music as the title may suggest but referring to a couple of not so common Grayling Flies.

Reading through some Vintage Fishing books I came across 2 patterns which I had heard of but never fished personally, so taking time away from the  recent float making I decided to research the flies a bit more before tying a few up.

The first was the Grayling Fiddler.

Grayling Fiddler

A fly created by Eric Horsfall Turner, former Club President of the Pickering Fishery Association formed in 1892 & probably more famous for his creation Eric's Beetle a deadly trout fly which will bring trout when nothing is showing on the water.

Trio of Fiddlers

The next one which I had heard of but again never fished was the Grayling Steel Blue, created by Roger Woolley. There are a few variations of the materials used in this tying so I went with the most common one whilst I was searching it out.

Grayling Steel Blue
Grayling Steel Blue Twins

Woolley spent much of his adult life travelling around the UK writing about fly species and tying flies, so much so that a book was written about his lesser flies called the Forgotten Flies of Roger Woolley.

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