Monday, 23 September 2013

Hot & Sweaty With Some Ladies

Yesterday after having some acupuncture on my knee on Saturday which seemed to work extremely well, I decided to have a day up the Dale with some ladies in mind.
I mistakenly never seen what the weather forecast was meant to be for the day, so decided it wasn't really threatening to rain but I would wear my Lets Tackle Cancer fleece  as there was a bit of a cold wind blowing down the Dale, a decision I later regretted as by the time I was finished I was wetter on the inside than I was on the outside, but the fleece is a cracker and will be an asset when the weather turns which by the looks of things on the river wont be too far away.
Starting off with some upstream spiders with a nymph on point which seemed to work with 7 or more trout of no particular size taking mostly the nymph on point.

 I kept getting a few tentative  takes from the small trout but nothing to write home about so slowly wandered up the River with my trusty stick in hand easing the walk somewhat.

As the morning wore on the temperatures started to rise and olives started hatching and coming off the water with some smaller trout taking full advantage and rising to them, so I switched over to dry fly hoping that the bigger trout and the ladies would start to rise.

It didn't take long of sitting and observing the water, which was an ideal opportunity to have a coffee and a rest when the ladies started smutting at the flies, mainly in the more turbulent water so covered a couple and almost immediately fish on.

I covered a few more of the ladies and missed a few but also watched as Grayling came up to the fly as if to inspect it then turn and head back down without touching it.

Moved up to the next bit of turbulent water and again after a few moment observation cast just above the ladies with almost same results, fish on first cast down

They are in absolutely mint condition and give very good accounts of themselves in the fast turbulent water.

and the best part about fishing for the ladies is that they are all released to provide sport another day

It really turned out to be a lovely autumn day with the sun shining and hot, but with a lack of the summer characters, the Snipe have all gone, there was no sightings of the Oyster catchers only the pair of dippers hopping from rock to rock and feeding on the vast amount of fly life that the warm weather had allowed to create.

A tree fungi appearing from an old saw cut

A lovely day in all respects apart from the throbbing knees by the time I got home which I think another visit to the acupuncturist will have to be called for, but well worth it for a day with the ladies even if it was hot & sweaty.

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