Thursday, 28 November 2013

Short of Time but the Ladies Obliged.

I had to take the day off today as I had an appointment that I had to attend today at the hospital but I wasn't going to sit around all day waiting to go there so the alarm was set and the fishing kit was in the car ready to go. I arrived just in time to see the sky light up in the distance and the dawn of a new day, something I always love seeing no matter what time of the year.

I've been giving all my pins a run out since I started trotting again for this season and today it was the turn of the memorial reel I got in memory of my deceased parents.

It wasn't going to be a full day's fishing so I chose 2 places and concentrated on them, as time was limited but I wanted still to have a good short session.

It didn't take long after first light for the first lady to come to the net, and a welcome sight as always. This was closely followed by a nice out of season Brown trout which as soon as I touched it in the water to unhook it, it started spouting milk, but it was quickly released in the water and off on its merry way.

I looked across the river just in time to see 2 birds I've not seen at all this year so far & that was a pair of Jays, sitting on an ash tree. I never managed to get a picture so have used a stock picture so readers can relate to what I mean.

It wasnt long until I had a steady stream of Grayling coming to the net, nothing big but perfectly formed.

I have noticed over the last couple of trips out the bigger Grayling are becoming more elusive as the weeks pass, and its more and more smaller Grayling that are showing up.

I moved up the river and came across two other anglers out for the Ladies, who were sat on a steep bank watching around 6 - 8 Salmon below in a pocket of streamy water on the redds, a fascinating sight to see and we sat there for a good 15 minutes exchanging stories and flies, a couple of other anglers now away with the Soft Touch Shrimp in their boxes. I will need to make up some more over the weekend am down to my last three. 

The small Ladies continued to oblige

One of the bigger ladies made an appearance which was nice to see that there was some still showing up.

The smaller fish were still feeding and making sport good although the rate of capture had slowed down considerably.

Things started to really slow down so I gave the pool a rest and had a cup of coffee and a play around with the camera.

Just some of the floats I carry around in my float rig

Time was starting to get on so I went back into the Pool for the last half hour of fishing and took another couple of fish, with a couple of trout showing up also.
This photo probably says it all for me, my reel, a handmade float and a Grayling what could be nicer.

I had to leave to make the appointment but a very productive time to start off with although sport got slow as time went on, I still landed 38 Grayling and 3 trout  which I was well chuffed with in the time allotted.

On the way back to the car the Geese had invaded the one of the fields I cross so before upsetting them and making them take to the wing, got a few pictures before i rounded the tree and watched them all take to the wing.

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