Saturday, 7 December 2013

Floats & Wool

Being on Duty Engineer always restricts my movements as I'm at the mercy of a mobile phone so dont tend to venture far but on a plus side it allows me time to get floats finished and visits shops I dont normally bother with, as in today's case.

I managed to finish off another few floats for guys in search of the ladies of the stream who enjoy the pleasures of float fishing for them.

A couple of 5BB floats heading South.

Also managed to get finished a set of floats for an old friend (78 years old) in Scotland who enjoys nothing better than spending a few hours out on the river in a crisp cold morning chasing the ladies.


I like a bargain just as much as everyone else and like in some cases its at the expense of a shop or business closing down was why I managed to stock up on a lifetime of wool for the fly tying for under the price of a beer.

There is enough wool here to make more Red Tags, Grayling Witches, Treacle Parkins,  Pink Shrimps & Pink Scuds to last any Grayling angler a lifetime over, all bought from the local wool shop which is closing down, all because I was on duty engineer and walked into town for a look around.

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