Monday, 24 February 2014

Floats & Flee's

Yesterday it was back down to earth after Saturday's fishing trip and by the looks of things I made the right choice with the rivers all gaining over a meter in height from Saturday....those boulders will definitely be trundling along the riverbed in that force.

After sending the first lot of cedar bodied floats to John, the man who sent me the cedar in the first place, it was right that he received them for his generosity in sending me the wood in the first place, I hope they bring you luck & tight lines in using them John.

I finished off another set yesterday that I had been working on purely to go into my float collection.

These will take the last 3 remaining slots in a new display box I have put together and at a time decided later in the year will go to a charity to raise funds.

The cedar is a lovely wood to work with and shown the grain up beautifully.

After my last lot of spiders I tied up & put on the blog,  I've had some correspondence from a gentleman in Sweden who fishes spider patterns and we have exchanged a few ideas and patterns which we fish, Hans sent me the tying instructions for an early season spider which he fishes to imitate the early hatches of Dark Olives, ribbed with red wire an olive body and olive thorax, he says it accounts for many native Brown trout in the fast pacy water he fishes.

On the subject of Olives I had a look at the depleted dry fly box in my waistcoat pocket and saw how scabby that it is looking in comparison to my spiders & nymphs so I think I will have to concentrate on some dry flies for the foreseeable future.
 But just to get back into the swing of things tied up a few Dark Olive Dries.

Size 16
Coq de Leon tail...(Martin will be pleased to see!)
Caddis Pupa Green Dubbing for the body
Olive saddle Hackle

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