Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Golden Olive

After I posted some of the classic spiders I had tied on one of the fishing forums I frequent, it seemed to have inspired a couple of lads to take to the vice and one lad came back with some golden olive spiders which definitely looked the part and also jogged my mind into remembering I had bought some on my trip into harrogate a few weeks back so dug it out the bag and tied a couple of spiders using the dyed golden olive partridge.

A straight forward spider tied with purple silk & golden olive partridge.

Another Spider tied this time with a few turns of peacock herl behind the thorax

And finally a fly I have never tied before but seen it used many times and seen how its tied but not being too keen on CDC never bothered in the past, but after a link to an earlier video I had seen was reposted decided to give it a go, a jingler.

All tied on size 16 hooks.


  1. The Jingler variant; that's just my thing George.

    1. 1st time tie for me Ben, I was never keen on CDC so never bothered in the past, will see how they fish as I tied up 3 to be getting on with.


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