Friday, 14 March 2014

Gone in the Blink of an Eyelid....

that was the 2013 - 2014 Grayling season.

It seemed like only yesterday that I was out on the first trip of the Grayling season at the end of September with the fly rod looking for the ladies to rise, which of course they obliged.

But this year after reading through my diary,  am sure not only just for myself  but others too been a very poor season in the way of outings for the Grayling.

 In the 6 month period from the end of September till the last trip out last weekend, The grand total of 14 fishing days for Grayling, with December & February being the worst months in the way of flooded rivers & unfishable conditions, that for me has been the worst year in a long time looking back over previous years.

I have to admit although short it gave me great pleasure to pit my wits against the Ladies and looking back over some of the pictures.

 I now remember why its all worth the trouble of getting out of bed early in the morning to make the trip further up the Dale when you are greeted with mornings like this.

The couple of trips back to Scotland & the river Clyde were worth all the effort & time to capture stunning ladies such as these.

and not forgetting the ladies of the Yorkshire & Durham Dales.

With every single fish being released to give sport another day.

To see the vast amount of birds and wildlife on the fishing trips makes me feel how lucky I am and privileged to be able to visit such places  and long may it continue.

To the old friends and new friends I've made along the way, it has been an absolute pleasure to fish or simply converse with you and I hope we are all able to continue to do it for many years to come.

Looking forward it's now time for the long hazy days and short nights in pursuit of the Trout that frequent our rivers and if  Im able to continue to catch fish such as this

and see the wild flowers which frequent our paths
Then you certainly wont hear any complaints from me till I set my sights on the Ladies of the Stream again.


  1. Lovely photo's as usual Goerge. I regularly pop in to check up on whats new and i'm always impressed, well done George, keep it up m8 ! :).


  2. Good to hear from you again Ian, thanks for the comments.


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