Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Porcupines & Ghosts

Finished off another couple of Porcupine floats for a friends living in Germany, who is fishing the lakes I used to fish when stationed out there in the 90s, Its great to see the mixed British/German club still thriving and I have many happy memories and friends from my time there.

3 Plain porcupine quills with the tops rounded off, no whipping, nice simple but still very elegant.

The last few weeks I have been getting the fly boxes prepared for the new trout season and after buying some new fly tying skins from William in Ireland, a very reliable and excellent source for full bird skins at a very reasonable price. Anyone wishing his contact details please drop me a line.

 I tied these couple of ghost spiders up using the neck feathers from a hooded crow.

Ghost spider ribbed with red wire, this fly accounted for a few Grayling on this weeks trip up the Dale. Fished as the first dropper in the fast water

The same spider but without the red wire rib also accounted for a couple of fish on the trip so I  know they do catch Grayling its just a matter of time to see if the trout like them too.

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