Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Well Earned Break

I've had several emails from regular blog readers asking if I was OK as they had not read anything recently and was concerned I may be back in hospital.

Thank you very much for the concern and I have written back to each one individually thanking them but I have actually been away on a well earned holiday for 3 weeks to Sri Lanka & Dubai, something you dont advertise on the net as you never know what dodgy characters are looking around.

 Lazing by the the Beach in Sri Lanka for 7 days, recharging the batteries, then up to Sigiriya for some luxury & pampering for another few days before flying back to Dubai.

 Jet wings Vil Uyana at Sigiriya was well worth the money we paid to stay there and recommend it to anyone.

The lodges were lovely, we stayed in a Paddy field dwelling.

And the dip pool right outside the front door wasn't bad either.

The only fish I saw for the last 3 weeks were either on my plate or dead in the local fish market.

Part of the mornings catch at Negombo fish market in Sri Lanka, the main species being tuna and shark, I counted in total over 40 shark which had been killed.

A little fishy when the boat came in.

 That evening we visited a local fish restaurant and savoured some of the large prawns caught that morning, and chose our dinner.

and within 40 minutes or so it was sat in front of me, coupled with a lobster.

 And finally a stop over in Dubai for some retail therapy for the wife.

Thankfully I will be back to fishing very soon. Thanks to everyone for the emails.


  1. I was only thinking to myself the other day where are your posts to kick off the start of the season. Looks like you had a great time, lucky bugger.

  2. Thanks Ben, it was absolutely superb mate , never got away last year due to me being in hospital so was great to get away again, what made it even sweeter was we travelled business class with emirates which was superb. Hopefully get back amongst the fish soon , have a good season buddy.


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