Sunday, 11 May 2014

Small Porcupine Bobbers

With the weekend being pretty much a wash out for the fishing I decided to finish off a few floats I had started after returning from my last trip to Scotland.
I had  been asked to make some small floats for a method long since forgotten apart from a few individuals who fish the River Clyde, and decided to enhance on the last set I made and use some older materials than the last set, namely small porcupine quills.

I was be gifted a few old small porcupine quills which had once been used as floats which were stripped down and have been refurbished, still using the original old eyes as I got them with.

These two are the largest of the four which I have made at 4.5" in length.

Decorated in two different colours with minimal whipping just the way the old floats were found in an unrepairable state with the bodies all smashed up so they have been replaced with balsa bodies and the quills stripped down and refurbished with the original eyes.

These two are the smaller versions of the floats above and these are 3.5" in length and smaller bodies.

And all four floats together.

As yet am still undecided to keep them for myself or offer them for what they were designed for back up on the Clyde.


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