Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Float & a Fish

Thankfully the paperwork & admin I had to get done today went quicker than expected so just before lunch I managed to finish off a single crow quill trotter that I started last week after picking up the crow quill on my way back to the car from  fishing so just to keep my hand in decided to turn it into a float straight away.

It will cope with this year winter Grayling nicely and carries 7BB in weight.

After lunch with nothing better to do I decided to throw the gear in the back of the car and have a couple of hours up the Dale, not even thinking about it off I went and it wasn't until I arrived at the water did I find it up and very dark, not a good sign, but I was here anyway so might as well give it a go.

On making my way along the bank I came across a male & female banded demoiselle, this was where I got the great picture a few seasons back of one landing on the butt of my rod...unfortunately unlike the last time they didn't want to know so never managed any pictures of them, it would have been great to get the female picture to make a matching set, as this picture is of the male of the species.

I continued down to a spot where I thought I would be able to get a fish in the side eddy just behind an obstacle and sure enough 2nd cast through a trout took the fly.

I fished on for another hour with no plucks or any signs of fish so called it a day, not a bad 2 hours out in the afternoon sunshine.


  1. It's great what you've done with a crow quill George, love the damsel pic too.

    1. Cheers Brian, I'm really proud of the damsel picture and was wishing they would do it again, maybe next visit out, the crowquill balsa is excellent for the grayling, one of my all time favourites.


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