Sunday, 29 June 2014

Few Hours in the Evening.

With the rivers being so low presently and the sun still very much high in the sky without any cloud cover I opted to spend a few hours last night on the river after dinner to see if I could tempt any of the trout as darkness was falling.

I arrived on the river to find it probably the lowest I've seen it in a long while and in a few parts its possible to walk from one side to the other without getting wet feet.

I'm not one for giving up so easily and to be just on the river observing everything around is all encompassed on my trips out so I sat and watched the moving water ( all be it very shallow) and saw a couple of smaller fish moving so covered them with a dry fly to see if I could entice a couple out........

Just over 45 minutes & 11 Par later I decided enough was enough and I headed upstream to see if I could entice any of the bigger residence.

I sat and watched a deeper run which was cut out in the bedrock of the river and saw a couple of fish flashing on their sides so sat a while and before long thy started to rise to some of the spinners that were coming downstream and true to form it wasn't long till one took the dry.

followed in quick succession by another two.

After that someone switched the light out, the spinners stopped and the trout that were moving stopped also so after a few moments to see if anything would start again and observing the pair of kingfishers darting up and down the river I chose to move on and  I walked up to a large flat where I knew if any fish would be around they would be there and observed the river for over an hour as darkness started to fall and never saw a single fish move in all that time.

I chose this time to swap over to a couple of gloaming flies and fish the few runs coming into the head of the flat where I managed to miss a couple of smaller fish and captured this one just after darkness fell completely.

Another lovely night on the river observing a lot of wildlife and just chilling out enjoying the fishing all be it in very low water conditions.

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