Thursday, 14 August 2014

Just one of those days

Yesterday morning before going to work I managed to get out onto the river for a few hours. The river was starting to run off after the recent rain and it looked about right, so after checking the EA levels and seeing it was in a fishable state I headed up the Dale.
I finally got to take a couple of pictures of the remnants of the advertising for the Tour de France and have to say they make their cheeses big in this part of Yorkshire, they take them to the shops on the back of trailers.....lol

Anyway the river was on the dark side but after a few moments of sitting around and watching I spotted some movement across the far bank tucked in some slack water just off the main current, a few casts & up it came a nice Grayling, then it all went wrong the line and the fish parted company and that was it, on closer inspection I thought the tippet had snapped as I was fishing relatively light  but no to my amazement it was the furled leader which had broke, something I look after rigorously but there must have been a weak part in the making of it, thankfully I always carry a spare so in a matter of minutes I was fishing again with a new team of flies.

The hours started to pass and I missed fish after fish, I dropped fish after fish, all told over 9 fish and felt it was going to be one of those days so decided enough was enough and headed to my secret hole in the wall I use to stash a kelly kettle and brew making kit as there is nothing better than a hot brew to take your mind of things.

As I was sitting having lunch I noticed the river was rising again and coming up quickly too, so marked the water level and within 30 minutes I estimate it had risen 2" and coloured up really heavy. Seemed a good idea to finish off, as nothing was moving and the day I was having was better forgotten about, but still a few hours on the river fishing and hammers home you dont need to catch fish to still enjoy your time away for a few hours.

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