Monday, 1 September 2014

Some you win, Some you loose.

I managed to get out onto the bank yesterday for a few hours and the first thing I noticed as I started getting my waders & tackle from the boot of the car was how hot the sun was on my back , the car was parked out the wind that was blowing down the Dale but the sun was high and very hot, feeling it through the back of my cotton shirt.
The swallows were still darting around taking insects on the wind and in the distance I could hear a couple of curlews cry to each other, it was great to be back out & sounds & sights like these just make it all the better.

As I walked the short distance to the river I caught sight of the pair of curlews in the field crying out to each other and it wont be too long till they leave these shores again for another year.

I arrived at the river and found it running at a lovely height with some good colour in it and almost instantly seen a hatch of olives on the river and the fish rising to them so that was it dry fly tactics.

A couple fly changes to pin point exactly what the fish were taking,  then the first of the fish started coming to the net, mainly small par (Salmon Par if my recognition is correct) and some nice fat ones amongst them, they certainly have been feeding well.

Small, truly wild and well fed.

After almost taking 20 or so of these small par I moved on as the bigger fish were coming to the fly but turning away or splashing at the fly which was rather frustrating at times.

A few hundred meters and the next bit of fast water seen some Grayling rising right in the fast water at the head of the runs so after some observation time to see how frequent they were I set about covering the fish and almost immediately started taking Grayling.

small but great sport and in excellent condition, and again plenty of them with 10 or so in the net within 20 minutes of fishing the run, it amazes me how many fish can cram into a short space of water and not be spooked by the amount of fish being caught from it.

 I gave the run a rest as the fish were starting to slow down and the sun was high above me and very hot so a welcome rest, some fish spotting and a drink was called for.
 I had to roll my sleeves down as my arms were turning red with the sun and not thinking of how hot it was getting I was starting to burn.

The rising fish had all but died away in the river where the sun was hitting it and the odd fish were still rising in the shade of the trees or under low lying branches. I decided to head upstream a short distance to some deeper water that would be in the shade and see what was happening.

A few casts and the first fish from the runs came to the net.

I seen a few fish rising and glimpsed one fish out the corner of my eye which looked to be a better size of fish so covered it  and almost instantly was smashed by the big trout, fly & tippet gone in the matter of a few seconds.
After a re-tackle I covered another fish that was rising and before the fly could reach the place where the fish was rising a large Grayling appeared from nowhere and took the fly, I dont normally estimate fish as I always carry a set of scales in my jacket but on this occasion I had to estimate it as again the tippet parted company with the leader and the fish was gone, this Grayling would have easily been over the 3lbs mark.

I have had plenty of 3lbs Grayling in my fishing career, but nothing that big from this particular stretch, mainly 1lbs to 1.5lbs size range so to see a fish of this size in this stretch certainly brings high hopes for the forthcoming winter season.

After the 2nd re-tackle I covered another fish rising and was rewarded with another Grayling but not on the size scale of the fish previously lost but still a lovely fish no matter what size.

I sat and watched 3 dippers hop from rock to rock in search of food as if ganging up on the insect life flying around the rocks sticking out the water in the fast water then a kingfisher fly up and down the river every few moments before I finally called it a day and made my way back to the car satisfied, hot and extremely happy with the fishing all be it a I won a few and lost a few, no matter still a very enjoyable and satisfying few hours.


  1. bad luck on the losing the whopper , but sure looks lje you has a great day, and the winter on the that river looks like a real welcome prospect.

    Cheers col

  2. cheers Col, Yep am very hopeful of some nice Grayling this winter if the one I lost has anything to go by.


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