Thursday, 11 December 2014

Weather Bombs and Self Satisfaction.

Well what can I say the Weather Bomb as the experts call it, a winter storm as we all know it as has halted any fishing that was planned, which I assure you is driving me mad, as there is nothing worse than being off from work & unable to fish due to conditions. It seems an eternity since my last outing 2 weeks ago, all work & no play makes for bouts of depression to set in so to combat this Ive had a bit of time to catch up on some work around the house and even a little time for making floats & flees which brings great self satisfaction to me.

I always meant to get around to making a larger trotting float for myself for when the water is higher, as I dont normally go anything over a couple of AAA but with the winters getting more mild and the constant high water  a larger float is more stable and easier to control in the wind and conditions so finally after having it on my list to do I got around to making two for myself to see how they handle.

The first one I made myself I decided to go with a more bobber style float than an avon as I dont plan to trot the float far and its more designed for a specific stretch of water I like to fish in high water where I know Grayling frequent in those conditions.

Made from cork with a small goose quill as the stem it still offers sensitivity but carry larger weights and is more stable in the higher water than the ones I normally fish with.

Just in-case I decided to also make a heavier float in an Avon style as its a style I have been happy with over the years and has brought me great satisfaction to use and for longer trots its easier to retrieve on an all day fishing session.

I was playing around with colours and styles and the green paint with red whipping appealed to me so decided to go with it, the choice wont appeal to everyone's liking but the its only for my personal use.

Like the bobber style its made with cork and a small goose quill as the stem.

Ive made up several dozen different flies also but before I post them I like to try them myself that way anyone reading the blog doesn't copy them and blank then start complaining they dont work, and like all fly tiers we all like to experiment, and I'm not any different. Ive tied a few reliable patterns and Ive tied a few experimental flies I like the look of so  when the conditions improve I might finally get a day out with the fly rod chasing the Grayling, if not then the floats will get a try either way it will be nice to get back out on the riverbank again.


  1. Cracking photo's.... could tie some interesting PTN with that tail feather

    1. Thanks Neil, Yes you could but I dare not, they were actually given to me to make floats from, I couldn't bring myself to ruin them so kept them.


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