Friday, 9 January 2015

Looking for a New Fishing Bag?

Around a month ago I decided to treat myself to a new fishing bag, however after looking in the usual places I couldn't find what I was really looking for, there was plenty of choice but none that jumped out at me.
I tend to take a rucksack when fishing during the winter season, one reason being I hate having tackle in my pockets and the second I normally fish well out the way and its not feasible to nip back to the car for a brew.

I opt for a rucksack over a bag as its on my back, out my way and doesn't interfere with my fishing and if I go deep wading then its high up my back and wont get wet.

 After sometime searching around I stumbled across this.....

A koolertron Canvas Vintage DSLR/ SLR Camera Backpack.

I looked through the photographs and the write up and by far it was the best choice I had seen so paid my money and awaited it being delivered.

I was not to be disappointed and had everything in a rucksack that some more expensive fishing bags did not.
Its made from cotton canvas which is relatively waterproof in its own right, but just to be on the safe side its also fitted with a waterproof liner and a waterproof cover which when not being used slips into its own zipped pocket at the bottom of the bag.
The fasteners and zip fittings are all cowhide and the zips are heavy duty. There is 3 external small pockets for bits & pieces and inside there is a zipped pocket to keep securely your tickets, phone etc, as well as the main compartment which has a few ways of getting into it.

You can either go in through the top like a conventional rucksack or if like me you only carry a small amount of tackle then it can be stored in the bottom part which is accessible through a zip on the back of the rucksack. 

Due to the manufacture of the bag you can set it up on 2 different ways, the waterproof liner goes the full length of the internals but if you want to separate it into two compartments then there is a drawcord on the bottom of the liner which you simply pull tight and it separates the internals into two. The top used to store your jacket, flask etc, where the bottom stores your fishing equipment which is accessible via the zip opening. No more rummaging through all your kit to get to the bits you need.

You can see the bottom pocket in the closed position here and also the storage for the outer rain cover at the very bottom of the rucksack.

Rain pouch unzipped

and the waterproof cover fitted

This is the internal waterproof liner pulled out the bag, this is what runs the full length of the bag and has the drawcord at the top to separate the bag into two compartments.

Liner back inside and drawcord pulled to separate. You can also see the zipped internal pouch which stores tickets, phone etc.

Being a bag designed for a camera it comes supplied with an internal removable cushioned pouch which as you can see from the pictures is just the right size for my tackle I carry on a normal days trotting and this all slips inside the bottom pocket of the bag.

The bag has a drawcord fastener coupled with what looks like a buckle but it is actually a heavy duty press stud.

I can honestly say after several fishing trips now in some horrible weather this rucksack has stood up to the elements and it has delivered everything I asked from it, more than I could say about some more expensive bags specifically designed for fishing.

The cost of the bag with free P&P was £25.62. I bought it from ebay....Koolertron

I have no ties or connections to them and the fast delivery, 4 days was first class. So if your looking for a new bag and like the look of this I can highly recommend it.

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