Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Spalted Beech

Managed to finally put the finishing touches to another display float I have been working on. Another Spalted Beech display with a different body shape than the others on a Birch stem with a Yew Mount.


  1. They look spot on, which reminds me - I've unfortunately lost two of four of the floats you did for me last year (what can I say, I use them rather than display in a cabinet!).

    I wouldn't mind procuring a selection of floats suitable for tees grayling.....any ideas?

  2. Jimmy as it says on top of the blog " I dont make floats to be works of art, to look pretty and be hung on a wall in a picture frame, I make them for what they were designed for......catching fish." I would hate to think that you kept them in a cabinet....lol
    Tees Grayling now there's a thing, take your pick from the list of many as they have all been tested on the Tees at some point, just drop me an email and am sure we can sort something out.
    all the best George


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