Friday, 6 March 2015

Black, White & some Multi Coloured

Finally put the finishing touches to a couple of floats Ive been running with for a few weeks now but never found the time to finally get them finished until now.

The first set I got finished were slightly more elegant then normal due to the fact they are to be given as a present for a gentleman who has stepped in as best man, so to try & keep with the wedding theme the bodies were painted white and the stems black with some matching silk wraps to complement the tip colours.

3 Avon bodied floats in different shotting patterns.

I have to openly admit I do like these very much and I dont think it will be the last time I use these colours.

The second set I got finished was a set of multi coloured Perch Bobbers with Porcupine Quills.

Playing around with the colours gave for some interesting colour combinations which I think turned out not too bad.

Keeping the silk wraps to a minimum to allow the porcupine quills to show through.

And Finally just to finish everything off another set of  Avons in plain green.

Painted completely through in green with tip coloured silks just to finish them off.

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