Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Some floats & Some Flee Action

I recently managed to finished off a couple of sets of floats that I had started work on sometime ago but with one thing and another never actually got around to finishing them, until now.

Two sets of Avon's near identical apart from the tip colours which are slightly different in each set.

They were made simply  to add to my own collection of display floats but after I completed them I have actually not got room to display them properly, so have put them up for sale on a website I frequent from time to time. Anyone with interest in them drop me a line, they cost £21 per set with UK postage included. I will update the thread if they are sold elsewhere.

My good lady and myself managed a couple of days back up in our native Scotland over the weekend, both for very different purposes, her to go shopping, mine to go fishing. I had the pleasure of getting out on the River Avon on Friday with my older brother, its been a while since we have both managed to get out together and it brought back some happy memories of our younger days and some laughs throughout the day....I wont mention falling in....Not Me I hasten to add.

As always a wee bit of brotherly competition and I have to admit to trailing as within 15 minutes of starting I was one fish down, all be it a very small fish caught by my brother but 100% wild and probably never seen a hook before.

To be honest we were both quite happy catching these small wild fish as the river is stocked with larger brown trout but we both prefer the small wild fish contained there.

The morning wore on and I started to connect with fish but my hooking skills were far from being perfect and finally after dropping 4 fish I managed to actually get one to the hand.

Another small wild fish but not as colourful as the other one caught by John.

The river was near perfect conditions with the river just falling after a recent spate the day before and had some good colour in it but there was just nothing moving at all.

John managed another couple of fish again small trout and I managed another one small fish, and lost a few more, it looked like the day would end in him getting one over on me but just as we were about to call it a day I had a cast in a small run on the way back to the car and another wee trout took my spider, it ended in a draw...3 fish each and 10 lost between us, that didn't matter it was about spending time together again on a river that features so much in both our lives throughout the years......Quality

The following day I managed to grab a few unexpected hours on another river with a friend but alas the wind & rain beat us and we spent most of the time searching for fish that were not in the mood to either show themselves or take our offerings, there's always next time.

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