Sunday, 23 August 2015

Retail Therapy & Walnut

With the heavy thunder & lightning storms over the last few days there was no chance of getting any decent fishing on any of the Dales rivers as the gauge below shows, 0.47m being the top limit of fish ability.

Without driving right up to the headwaters which with the winds being strong around the house, it just wasn't worth the 70 mile or so trip.
I got roped into to taking the wife on some retail therapy instead which actually turned out not too bad from my perspective, We visited an out of town retail park which we have never been to before and on entering the TOG24 shop right in front of me on the rail was a cracking Gortex jacket down from £150 to £69 which would be ideal for a wading jacket so a little deeper investigating also found some heavyweight merino socks on offer, two pair for a tenner....quids in, needless to say my wallet was a little lighter on the way out the shop.

This morning allowed me to put the finishing touches to another new display float I've been working on, turned down from a block of walnut.

A walnut bodied chubber float.

So although no fishing possible this weekend, it still turned out to be a fishing themed weekend.

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