Sunday, 9 August 2015

Salmon everywhere.....Par that is!

Yesterday I started off  with popping up the road to my local Aldi to purchase another of their fishing bags. I first purchased one 5 years ago and at the time it was the spitting image of a much more costly bag and I wondered if it would last at the cheap cost of it then....it did and 5 years on its still going strong and I continue to use it on the riverbank to this day, so when I seen them back on sale I opted for another, this time as an overnight fishing grab bag for when I go away night fishing.

For the giveaway sum of £10.99 you wont be disappointed, whether it be used as a fishing, a travel bag to store fly tying items or others stuff they are a tidy investment and are good quality, its been slighly updated since I bought my first one in the fact that it comes with a removable & washable inner nylon bag, so you effectively get two bags in one.

I started off yesterdays session just after tea time in hope that like previous weeks I would get a few fish after dusk.
The river is back down to below summer levels and running clear again and all that seemed to be moving when I reached the river were small fish which turned out to be small Salmon Par.

No matter where you cast they were on the fly almost immediately and I lost count around the 40 mark, lovely to see and great that they are back in the river but starting to become a pain when looking for the bigger fish.

I managed to grab a small wild brown amongst the par, but apart from that nothing else was moving.

After a few hours of thrashing the water with nothing much than salmon Par and the single brown trout I decided to take the weight off and sit on a grassy bank awaiting dusk to see if anything would start moving.

The smell of the wild mint as always is a joy to sit down next to with its strong aroma filling my nostrils.

and huddled amongst the tall grasses the small and petite forget me not flowers still in bloom

observing the water for almost an hour, nothing was moving at all apart from the very small Salmon Par

I was beginning to give up hope as it was almost dark now, when I started hearing the tell tale plop of grayling  smutting flies off the surface, only a few but it indicated that fish were moving so set about fishing again. It didn't take long to connect with my first Grayling.

Nothing large but very welcome after the last few hours of fishing. Another 3 Grayling of similar size came to the net before all went quiet again so that was it fishing over for another week.

On the way back home the small Kirk I pass was all lit up, the first time I had seen it like this so grabbing the chance I stopped and grabbed a couple of pictures of the kirk lit up in the eerie light.


  1. Some welcome grayling after those pest parr George. that bag does look good, I purchased a bag recently for my lrf gear on eBay, liked the look of it but it's only lasted a week of use before the stitchings gave way!

    1. A welcome relief from the small par Brian. The bags are great mate, my first one is still going strong after 5 years, the only difference being it doesn't have the pocket on the top of the bag & no internal bag, I use it frequently it contains my Kelly kettle and cooking kit which I take fishing with me.


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