Wednesday, 30 September 2015

That Time of Year Again.

After a couple of weeks away with the wife cruising on what I can say is some feat of engineering, The Royal Caribbean ship Anthem of the Seas.

It is that time of year again when the autumn colours put on their show and my favourite fishing season gets started in earnest, of course the Grayling season.

To start the season off though I took a walk to one of my favourite places at this time of year, which is where I gather my sloes for my sloe whisky making and after checking on them a few weeks ago, they were looking about ready to pick and sure enough when I walked up yesterday they were ripe and ready to pick.

In just over an hour I managed to gather 9 lbs of ripe sloes.

Washed, stems removed and ready to be frozen for a few days before they get bottled up with the whisky for the process.

Whilst on holiday the wife bought me a present on one of our stops which was an HD Sports Cam for taking video and photographs above & below water so to try it out I took the rod for a walk this afternoon on a very low and sunny river just up the Dale, You wouldn't think it was almost October it felt like a summer day, the fish were not in any mood for taking flies but luckily I managed to see a solitary grayling rising under an overhanging tree, so after a few casts over it I put on one of the old faithful grayling dry flies and sure enough up it came from the depths and took the fly.

Nothing too big but still very welcome and a joy to catch on dry fly,  it allowed me to try out my present.
I can tell you I wont be taking too many underwater shots, unless its something special as the water was freezing. I haven't quite sussed out yet how to edit the videos but I did manage my first underwater picture with it.

It  allows for varying shots and hopefully brings something new into the blog. Have a good Grayling season everyone.


  1. Hello George

    All I'll say is Hugh Miles had better watch out!



    1. Hi Dave,
      He is quite safe no worries there...lol


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