Saturday, 23 January 2016

No More Floats.....for now.

Just a quick few words to inform everyone as Im still being asked to make floats.

At present Im no longer making floats for general sale or orders. This is an accumulation of several things but mainly due to the fact that Im getting greater satisfaction from teaching the couple of students I currently have on the go than actually making them myself.

Maybe one day I will come back to making them but as a friend said to me the other day, he is thankful that he got a few of my floats before I decided to pack in, I informed him they might be worth a couple of bob in about 200 years time.
Seriously though I've enjoyed making floats for others to use and I still say to this day I made them to fish with not to be works of art or to be sat in display cases. If you have floats of mine, Please use them.

The desktop floats I have decided will continue to be made but not in any great numbers.

Mick Holgate owner of Kingfisher Rods
sent me an email this week after receiving his walnut chubber:

Hi George 
Just to let you know the parcel arrived  today  and you have done a great job. I am very pleased and the float now takes pride of place on a shelf in my living room alongside a handmade float tube and small glass vase with hand built floats in it. 
best wishes and tight lines,
Mick Holgate 

Thanks Mick this is what makes it worth while.

Im still happy to converse with anyone who is thinking of taking the traditional art of float making up or if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Thanks to everyone over the years for the support & friendship that the float making has brought but for now Im taking a back seat on the float making and allowing eager young students to take to the stage.

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